Introducing the Lamprobe to Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Doctors

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The Lamprobe is a multi dynamic instrument for non-invasive and minimally-invasive, bloodless non-surgical removal of skin lesions. A growing number of patients are in pursuit of flawless skin and gone are the days that patients have to live with unsightly and uncomfortable skin lesions. The Lamprobe’s intensity levels can be precisely set, and different probes specifically selected, to ensure effective management of superficial to deep dermal lesions, with minimal co-lateral tissue damage and speedy tissue recovery.

The Lamprobe offers state of the art technology to safely and effectively address skin lesions on all Fitzpatrick Skin Types (I to VI). The Lamprobe, manufactured in Canada, is a FDA and CE approved device that was created over 25 years ago. The Lamprobe is used worldwide by surgeons, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, dentists (for intra-oral lesions) and now, more recently, by doctors specializing in aesthetic medicine.

The technology is a combination of radio frequency and high frequency current, similar to that of a microwave. The lipid, blood or liquid within the lesions are heated, vaporized or desiccated. Only the lesion is treated and as a result, there is no damage to the underlying or surrounding skin.

Current intensity is selected according to

  • The type of lesion
  • The site of the lesion within the epidermis or dermis
  • The size of the lesion

Treatment protocol is different for epidermal and dermal lesions.

Epidermal Lesions:

This tailored design makes the treatment gentle, yet effective for every different type of epidermal minor skin lesion whether they are vascular, hyper-keratinized, lipid or cholesterol based. There is minimal down time or risk of scarring when treating epidermal lesions within the set parameters. Lamprobe is not a burning or a freezing device, so there is no additional inflammatory reaction. This eliminates the risk of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation on skin types that are normally prone to PIH. There is also no destruction of melanocytes as treatment can be focused above the basal layer of the epidermis, reducing the risk of hypo-pigmentation that often occurs with cryotherapy.

Dermal Lesions:

The Lamprobe is highly recommended by plastic surgeons for minimally-invasive removal of dermal lesions. Procedures are quicker and more cost effective than the traditional excision, cauterization and suturing for lesions such as cysts, warts, fibromas, subcutaneous horns and moles. The Lamprobe has a specific cutting probe that can be used instead of a scalpel to excise small lesions, whist cauterizing at the same time.

View the video of Dr Brian Monaisa removing a mole on the eyelash area, bloodlessly, efficiently and effectively on the procedures page.

Certain procedures previously needed to be performed in theatre such as the surgical removal of Xanthelasma. With the Lamprobe, the lipid plaques are desiccated within minutes, non-surgically, requiring only a topical anaesthetic. This is much less intimidating for the patient, and significantly reduces costs, procedure time, healing time and risk of scarring and hyper-pigmentation. This modality enables the removal of Sebaceous Hyperplasia by liquefying the hardened lipids so they rise to the skin’s surface in seconds accomplishing a flawless result.

Lamprobe is not a light based therapy and so it is able to more precisely target a specific lesion, even delicate lesions like Telangiectasia and Spider Naevi. The Lamprobe is targeted very precisely and the vascular lesion blanches instantaneously so the practitioner can easily see where treatment has occurred. The radio frequency Technology allows for safety near and on the eyelid area, whereas the peri-ocular area is contra-indicated with other laser and light-based devices.

The video performed by Dr Ernu de Villiers clearly shows how Dr De Villiers skillfully uses the Lamprobe, with a selected probe and a specific intensity, to non-surgically remove a Fibroma in a patient’s eye within a matter of seconds. Click here to view the video.

With technology advancing rapidly, this article showcases the Lamprobe and brings clarity to some of the current options available for removing lesions. The Lamprobe safely delivers smooth, flawless skin for patients. The Lamprobe completes any surgical practice with State of the Art Technology.

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