Electrolysis with the Lamprobe

The Lamprobe includes the additional functionality that it can remove all types and colours of hairs including grey, blonde and red hair on all skin types with permanent results. The bulb of the hair deep in the dermis is treated with high frequency and radio frequency current. Where laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments rely on the melanin in the hair being the chromophore attracting light energy, the Lamprobe current successfully targets the hair bulb irrespective of colour.

Video Performed By Sharon Bales

Lamprobe electrolysis hair removal targeting dark, blonde and grey hairs on the top lip. Note how the hair sheath and bulb slide out completely. Video compliments of Sharon Bales

Lamprobe electrolysis courses are offered to existing Lamprobe practitioners to offer their clients this additional skill. The course includes electrolysis theory and practice, evaluations and certification. The length of the electrolysis course depends on the practitioners previous skills, experience and precision.

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