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The Lamprobe is a device used to remove unsightly and uncomfortable skin blemishes, lesions and irregularities, safely and effectively.

Achieving flawless skin is sophisticated, precise, non-invasive and 100% safe on all skin types using the Lamprobe, with various probe sizes and shapes for the cosmetic removal of a range of different skin lesions, commonly referred to as lumps and bumps.

The future of skin care is moving away from invasive, burning devices that scar or pigment the skin. Clients and patients expect optimal results in era of advanced technology. The Lamprobe delivers results every time.

Based on radio wave and high frequency technology, the Lamprobe works on the principal of liquids being attracted to heat, released by various sized and shaped probes for the treatment of all types of different lesions. What distinguishes the Lamprobe from other devices, is the delicate yet sophisticated regulated intensity focusing on the lesion alone and not the underlying or surrounding skin.


The Lamprobe uses advanced technology for:

  • Vaporising epidermal lesions similar to a microwave current
  • Liquifying hardened lipids that have formed beneath the skin enabling 100% removal
  • Drying out sebaceous or fatty lesions
  • Thermo-coagulating vascular or blood lesions

There are additional benefits:

One device delivers it all and completes any aesthetic practice.

5 in 1 Portable Device









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Benefits of Using Lamprobe

Treating skin lesions, blemishes and irregularities on skin has never been easier. The Lamprobe device allows for painless and efficient removal a variety of skin lesions, blemishes and irregularities. This non-invasive treatment offers immediate client satisfaction, with no blistering or down-time.

Immediate Results

Precise Treatment

Rapid Treatment Time

No Anesthetic Required


Simple and Easy to Use

Training Provided

Various Probe Sizes

Quick. Safe. Effective.

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