Throughout the year there are a number of training courses offered by Lamprobe SA to increase knowledge and skills related to skin lesions. the advanced dermatology of lesions course is a popular course with Beauty Therapists, Somatologists and Aesthetic Doctors.

The advanced dermatology of skin lesions course earns CPD points for doctors. Complete practical courses on lesion removal performed with the Lamprobe, to create flawless skin is in depth and covers vascular lesions, sebaceous lesions, non-malignant lesions and hyper-keratinised lesions. In addition electrolysis hair removal and collagen induction therapy training is offered to all existing Lamprobe practitioners to enable them to use their device competently.

Training Courses


5 to 6 hour theory group course with an in-depth focus on skin lesions

Course Outline includes:

  • Histology of the skin related to Skin Irregularities/Lesions
  • Skin Lesions on different Skin Types
  • Pigmentation & Melanogenesis
  • Different Pigmentary Disorders
  • Hyper-Keratinised Lesions
  • Sebaceous Lesions
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Skin Cancers
  • Identification/Diagnosis
  • Comparisons; differences and similarities of similar looking lesions
  • Trouble shooting (practical examples)


Full Day Practical Training for maximum of 2 Practitioners, performed on models

Course Outline Includes:

  • Recognition of skin lesions/skin irregularities
  • Removal of variety of vascular lesions with thermo-coagulation
  • Removal of Sebaceous lesions with Radio-high frequency to desiccate lesions above and below the skin
  • Removal of hyper-keratinised lesions, vaporising the lesions similar to a microwave current
  • Removal of Moles (for doctors only)
  • Removal of lesions with bloodless excision with cautery (for doctors only)


Full day theoretical & practical course for existing LAMPROBE Practitioners

Course Outline covers:

  • Recapping
  • Additional lesions
  • Additional techniques



Theoretical & practical course offered to existing LAMPROBE Practitioners

The course includes:

  • Electrolysis theory
  • Practical electrolysis practiced on models
  • Starter pack of Needles

Please note that this course is an additional course as the LAMPROBE includes the additional functionality that it can remove all types and colours of hairs, on all skin types with permanent results. The ability to perform electrolysis acquires an additional skill that requires precision. The length of the Electrolysis course depends on the practitioner’s previous skills, experience and precision. Courses are charged at an hourly rate with a maximum of 2 practitioners in a class and a minimum of 3 hours is recommended.


Half day theoretical & practical course for existing LAMPROBE Practitioners

Course Outline covers:

  • Indications
  • Tissue injury
  • Probe selection
  • Different treatment techniques

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Advanced Lamprobe is a practical course on performing more advanced treatments. (Only for practitioners with more than 1 year Lamprobe experience.)

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